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Coach Training Update

From left, back: Jon Spinks, Omar Shamal, Nick Holloway, Vincent Hivert, Matt Allen, Nico Benitez, Karen Hazzard, Mark Cracknell, Nick Brooks, Natalie Gill. Front: James Rose, Nino Sánchez, Pablo Franco and Ximo Piera (G4P's new Head Coach at Oliva Nova).

Regular readers will know how committed Game4Padel is to developing the fledgling UK padel industry – not just by developing infrastructure, but by training and mentoring the first generation of UK padel coaches. And our deepening partnership with Padelmba is helping us to do just that.

This weekend was all about investing in the G4P coaching team by hosting eight UK freelance coaches, plus coaching team members, at our training base at Oliva Nova Resort near Valencia – taking their skills to the next level with the Padelmba CPC+. The more our coaches learn, the more they can share with you, our club players.

An advanced, in-person, course held over three days with an additional 20+ hours of online modules, the CPC+ digs deep into the game to really broaden the coach’s knowledge. Expertly delivered by Master Tutors Bernardino (Nino) Sánchez-Alcaraz and Pablo Franco Durán, the weekend was well received by all.

This follows our first training to be run in England (rather than Scotland) which took place in January at Gosling Sports Park, Welwyn Garden City. Congratulations to the 10 new coaches (below) who attended the Padelmba CPC basic course – again taught by Nino Sánchez and Pablo Franco. The course drew coaches from far afield – Guernsey to the Czech Republic – who will, by now, be firing up the game at their home clubs.

From left: Owen Watkins, Jakub Sevcovic, Mark Cowder, Richard Daynes, Davide Sorcinelli, Nino Sánchez, James Rose, Pablo Franco, Connor Johnsen, Steven Gore, Matthew Graham, James Roche, Oliver Cull.

The next CPC Basic course will take place at our new Glasgow venue Golf It! There is no pre-requisite qualification required to enrol in the CPC basic, though we do recommend that you are playing padel regularly and are not just starting out. Not everyone who attends the CPC basic wants to be a padel coach. Some attendees are keen players who wish to deep dive into the techniques and methodologies of great players and coaches to improve their game quickly.

The Padelmba CPC+ course is designed to take coaching skills to the next level. To attend this you must have previously completed the Padelmba CPC basic, or the LTA Padel Instructor course.

Book a place on the next Padelmba CPC basic training (22-24 March in Glasgow), or read more about our courses and discover our 2024 training calendar here:


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