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  • Same scoring as tennis (15-30-40)

  • Normal deuce at 40-40. However, the top players in the world (World Padel Tour) play a deciding point ("El punto del Oro")

  • Best of 3 sets. One set is up to 6 games. Tie break to 7 points at 6-6 in a set.


  • Serve diagonally standing behind service line. Returner may stand wherever they like. Two serves as in tennis.

  • The server must first bounce the ball, then hit it below waist level. Server must keep at least one foot on the ground when hitting the serve and feet may not touch/cross the service line while serving.

  • The ball must bounce in the service box opposite before being hit by returner.

  • If it bounces in the box and hits the wire mesh fencing before crossing the service line (on the returner's side), it’s a fault.

  • If the ball hits the net and bounces in the box it’s a let unless it touches the wire mesh fencing before the 2nd bounce.


  • Ball must first bounce on the ground on the opponent's side before hitting a wall.

  • Players may volley instead of letting it bounce (except service return).

  • Players may hit the ball after it has bounced on mesh or glass (on their side) to send it back over the net.

  • Players may hit the ball against glass (side or back wall) on their side in order to return the ball. They may not hit the ball against mesh on their side.

  • As in tennis, the ball may only bounce once on your side, and it may only be hit once.

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