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  • How to book a court?
    Go to or download the MATCHi app on iPhone or Android. Choose a venue and a date Press on the date you which to book a court. Each club decides on their own how many days in advance you’re allowed to book a court for. Game4Padel members can book 10 days in advance and non members 7 days in advance. Pick Starting time & court Press on the time you wish to play. This will open up a list of available courts. Pick the court you want to play at. Add other players to your booking Add playing partners with their MATCHi email addresses. The full cost of the booking will reduce if your partners are recognised as Game4Padel members. Confirm and Pay Confirm your booking by choosing your preferred payment method. You can also add playing partners email addresses if you want them to get the booking info as well. Booking confirmation All players added to your booking will receive an email confirmation with a PIN code to access the court (only applies to courts with gate access system).
  • Why haven't I received a refund for my cancellation?
    At the time you make a purchase on the MATCHi system, an equal amount is reserved in your bank account to ensure the card has coverage to complete the payment. The amount always gets reserved and never withdrawn at the time of booking. If you cancel a booking* the reserved amount will be released and only the cancellation fee of £1 will be charged. This means that the only transaction on your account will be of the cancellation fee. Important to know is that it can take up to 7 days for the bank to release the reserved amount. MATCHi can not accelerate this process. *According to the cancellation policy for the club. This information can be found in your booking confirmation
  • How do I cancel a booking?
    On the website/desktop: 1. Log in to your MATCHi-account and go to the startpage 2. Under the title "upcoming bookings" you will find all of your future bookings, here you press "Cancel" on the right side of the booking information. In the MATCHi-app: 1. Log in to your MATCHi-account and press "Bookings" 2. Here you can see all of your upcoming bookings or activities. Press the one you want to cancel. 3. Press the black "Cancel" button on the bottom of the page, then confirm the cancellation. Remember that every club or venue has their own unique cancellation policy, this information is provided in the booking confirmation email. Contact the venue if you are uncertain. Every cancellation will get charged with a cancellation-fee of £1 for payment with debit or credit card.
  • How far in advance can I book?
    You can book Game4Padel courts 7 days in advance via our website and the MATCHi app. Game4Padel members can book 10 days in advance.
  • How to join Game4Padel?
    To join Game4Padel: Click on Choose a Venue on the menu tab Choose a Venue Click on "Become a member"
  • How to cancel my Game4Padel membership?
    To cancel your membership please contact
  • My membership hasn't renewed properly
    If your monthly membership has failed to renew please check your debit/credit card hasn't expired. If it has, please enter new card details in your MATCHi preferences and rejoin Game4Padel. If your card detail hasn't expired please contact
  • I am a Game4Padel member but can't see membership prices
    Please contact so we can look into your MATCHi account and fix the issue.
  • How to book a group lesson, Americano or other activities?
    We would recommend to download the MATCHi app to book a space in group lesson or similar activity. Or you can: Choose a Venue on the menu tab Choose your venue On the court booking sheet click "Activities" Book your space!
  • How to book a private lesson?
    Private lessons for 1 to 4 players can be booked directly with our coaches. Choose a Venue on the menu tab Choose your venue Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the coaching team contact details
  • When is the venue near me opening?
    Click on Choose a Venue in the menu. Choose your nearest venue and check the most up to date estimated opening date.
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