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Introducing Craig McBride

May I introduce our new Head Padel Coach at Golf It! Glasgow. I caught up with Craig recently and asked him to tell us a little about himself. Over to you, Craig:


“I grew up playing tennis and football, and in recent years have done a lot of running and cycling. I first came across padel in 2017 at Thistle Padel Club in Edinburgh.


“I lived in Vietnam for 4 years teaching English. I wanted to continue teaching but move more towards sports and outdoor education – so padel was a perfect fit. In 2022, I completed the first LTA Padel course and that decided me to go headfirst into padel.


“I spent the first half of 2023 in the padel heartland of Malaga training as a player – and as a coach by completing the Padelmba CPC in El Puerto de Santa Maria. At the same time, I was learning all about Spanish padel culture and how the game has become a way of life there. 


“My mission is now to bring a slice of that Spanish padel culture to Scotland. We even plan to run some sessions in Spanish for the most authentic experience.


“I love to compete myself and have had some success in the G4P Championships with my brother Rory. However, I do believe competition is not a requirement for enjoying padel. I am particularly motivated by the social and mental as well as the physical benefits playing padel can have. And I love introducing padel to new players, particularly those who do not have athletic backgrounds.

 “I am excited by the opportunity to work at Glasgow’s first padel courts. At Golf It! we have the opportunity to create a thriving padel scene and community. I can’t wait to be a part of it. Vamos!”


Book a padel lesson or coaching session before Craig cycles off to Germany with a group of friends to watch Scotland in the Euros.


Find lessons for your level, or book a court at Golf It! HERE



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