With the support of Game4Padel and PadelMBA


Game4Padel chose to partner with Padel MBA for our coach training because they are widely recognised and hugely respected.


They have taught more than 70 courses in 25 countries – educating more than 2000 coaches so far, and working with players at every level of the game, including professionals on the World Padel Tour. They have remits to coach at clubs and federations from Spain to Norway to Mexico.



Considered the gold standard in Spain, Padel MBA’s Certificate in Padel Coaching is a 4-day intensive training (following 20 hours of online study) that will give new coaches the confidence to teach padel at different levels plus a toolbox of drills and techniques to use to enhance their clients’ skills. Game4Padel’s own coaches will all be trained, mentored and monitored through the Padel MBA CPC.


There is no ‘official’ certificate to coach padel in the UK – as is the case in most countries. Padel is brand new in the UK. The LTA is the governing body for padel in the UK, and they recommend that all padel coaches be certified through their training courses – but these are also new and being developed for different levels of coaching. And demand for coach training is urgent and growing.

Game4Padel is working with the LTA – our course will lie happily alongside the LTA padel coach qualifying courses which are very different in style and some content. But we also want to offer our coaches the best training and coach development available right now. 


While we are looking to have Padel MBA’s CPC recognised by the LTA in the UK, coaches can be reassured that this course will qualify you to teach in the UK and beyond.