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Meet Miguel in Padel Paradise

GAME4PADEL is delighted to introduce Miguel Mateu – our new head padel coach at our flagship Spanish venue, Oliva Nova Resort. Miguel is a fully qualified Padelmba coach who first started coaching padel in 2009 and has since gone on to teach across several countries.

Our state-of-the-art seven MONDO SUPERCOURT centre is situated by the Mediterranean Sea, between Valencia (Gandia) and Alicante (Denia). Basking in the Spanish sun, cradled between sea and mountain, Oliva Nova is now attracting padel enthusiasts from far and near. And Miguel and his coaching team will be waiting to greet you.

Reflecting on his new role Miguel said: “Padel is my passion and I decided to give it a chance and coach full-time and Game4Padel is my first full-time experience in coaching but I have been coaching for 14 years and I want to develop a big career here at Oliva Nova.

“For me it is unbelievable to get this post with Game4Padel because I have worked in engineering and the opportunity to work with such a well-established company within the padel industry is amazing.

“I didn’t want to work for a local club with no management or future ambition. I believe Game4Padel is doing a great job in bringing padel to countries all around the world and I wanted to be part of that. For me to add something to help them grow this is amazing and I am excited for this role and opportunity.”

When it came to the ethos behind his coaching Miguel explained enjoyment is everything: “The first thing for me is that people must have fun. The lesson must be enjoyable – always! Students must feel that they are moving, sweating, and making an effort on the physical side.

“I also try to use a mix of methodology so we have exercises using the baskets which teach technique. I try to explain everything students need to know but I also like to introduce game-based exercises. That combination is very powerful as once students learn the technique and can then repeat it, they can then move on to focus on the game itself.

“I also try to give students some challenges and make them answer some questions and one of the things I love to do is to make them think. I don’t want to create robots! I want students and clients who understand the game and identify the mistakes they make and especially when I am not there, as I am not a 24/7 coach, they can be self-sufficient.

“There is a certain point, when clients are fully aware of their mistakes and understand the game, when I can say ‘Vamos!’. It is one of my key goals that clients can solve problems inside the court.”

A native of Valladolid in the autonomous community of Castile and León, Miguel studied in Latvia and Germany while also playing in the latter before returning to Spain in 2018 where he has competed in FIP competitions for the ensuing years while continuing to coach.

Yet of one thing the new Game4Padel Oliva Nova head coach is certain, and that is his Padelmba CPC (Certified Padel Coach) qualification has significantly boosted his coaching skills: “I already had a lot of experience and had played for 15 years before I made my certification but it has really made a difference to my coaching,” said Miguel.

He added: “I became much more aware of the methodologies and the differences in them and I know how to combine them better to make the lesson much more interesting to my students and of course that has only improved with my experience growing.”

Miguel’s role at Oliva Nova is not just centred on being a teaching professional, as he explained: “I also want to build connections with local people, create events like Americanos on Fridays and so while I will be on court, I will also be at the office – a friendly voice on the end of the phone.”

Of one thing Miguel is sure and that is when it comes to padel, Oliva Nova offers a little slice of paradise and he said: “The venue here is absolutely amazing and will be a paradise for people who live in Northern Europe. We have the sand and the beach just 100 metres away – the venue is incredible and the courts are amazing so it’s a huge opportunity for Game4Padel to bring people out from the UK to experience all of this.

“That is something I am looking forward to as I have a lot of experience internationally – I have lived, played, and coached in the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, and Sweden. This international background has been really enjoyable but now also invaluable.

“Now Game4Padel has a new partnership with Active Away which will bring guests out to Oliva Nova from next summer. This is something that is super exciting for both myself personally and all of us at Oliva Nova.”

Book your padel holiday ready for next summer – click on the link below for a little slice of padel paradise!


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