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Gaming in Las Vegas

Having beaten a pair from Denmark, Michael and his partner, are through to the quarter-final of the 55+ Open Championships.

Game4Padel co-founder and CEO, Michael Gradon, is competing this week in the Senior Padel World Championship 2022 at RRA Padel in Las Vegas. Featuring more than 500 players in 32 teams and representing 18 countries, this is the first time the event has been hosted in the US, and is the biggest padel event held to date in North America.

The tournament is organised by the United States Padel Association with the support of FIP and APF, to celebrate competition, athletic ability and international friendship. All competitors are 35+. We think Michael is wearing remarkably well for 36. And I shall be fired on his return ; ))

Michael ready for the first match in the team event – Great Britain v world no 1 nation Spain – squaring up to play against the legendary Spanish world padel tour champion Willy Lahoz.


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