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Game4Padel University Challenge | Edinburgh vs Stirling

The UK’s first Padel University Challenge took place on Sunday 27th February at Thistle Padel, Edinburgh. Edinburgh Uni versus Stirling Uni, with Edinburgh winning 8-1 after some very close matches – watched and cheered on by Thistle Padel and Tennis members alongside players’ families.

Edinburgh University vs Stirling University Padel Challenge

Feedback from Edinburgh Uni team captains and organisers, Ali Gordon and Sam McKinney:

‘It was a great experience to take part in the UK’s first inter-university match. There were lots of close, high-level matches across the day. We all really enjoyed it and it was nice to play padel against different people. Huge thanks to the Stirling guys for coming across to Edinburgh, and to Game4Padel for sponsoring the event and for hosting us at Thistle Padel Club. Looking forward to a rematch soon!’

We are now looking for the next challengers! If you are at university and fancy your chances, or you’d like some advice about how to start a padel team, please contact us at


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