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G4P Championships - FAQ

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

We have received a lot of interest for the new G4P Championships along with a lot of great questions:

  • I am a beginner. Can I play in the G4P Championships?

Yes definitely! It is open to all levels. Your pair will be added to a group of similar level. When entering please state your current level via the application form.

  • How long do we have to complete all our matches?

Each G4P Championship season lasts 4 months. The Autumn 23/24 season starts on 11th September and will end on 31st December. The Winter 23/24 season will start on 15th January.

  • When can my partner and I enter the G4P Championships?

There are 2 entry periods for a season. The first period opens 1 month before the start of the season and closes a week before. The second period (late entries) opens the day after a season starts. This means you can join a season even once it has started! We would add you and your partner to an existing group and let the other pairs know you have joined.

  • I don't have a partner. Can I still enter the league?

We recommend you get in touch with the G4P Club coach who is best positioned to find a partner of similar level for you. If there are no coaches currently available at your club, please email us directly

  • Are online entries per pair or per player?

Entries for the G4P Championships are per pair and cost £20. When entering you will be required to enter your partner's details but your partner doesn't have to enter and pay again. Please note that entries for the G4P Tour (LTA tournaments) are per player!

  • Can I use a substitute if my partner is not available?

Yes you can! As long as your substitute is not a lot better than your partner!

  • What is my Padel rating/level?

We currently use the LTA Padel rating system which starts from 1 for beginners up to 7 for professionals. You can find the list of ratings on this page. If you are still unsure of your current level, we highly recommend you book a session with your G4P coach to be assessed.

  • I have restricted hours to play, can I still enter?

Yes of course! Matches are not scheduled by us, they are organised by players so they can be played at convenient times for all. If it becomes too difficult to organise matches with other pairs please email us and we will try our best to help.

  • What does Open Championships mean?

It means pairs can be 2 players of any gender!

  • Can I play at more than 1 G4P venue?

Of course! Some of our venues will be very close to each other and you might be tempted to compete in several groups. To enter at another G4P venue please go through the same entering process, choose the venue and pay £20 for your pair.


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