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An ambassador in training!

GAME4PADEL ambassador Tia Norton reveals why she has signed up for our Padel MBA CPC course in Edinburgh next month.

Great Britain’s No.1 ranked female player is on the cusp of breaking into the world’s top-100 and she has no doubt there will be golden technical nuggets from the Certified Padel Coach programme that can benefit her own game as she continues to push to the top.

Yet, impressively, the real motivation behind Tia’s enrolment for our first CPC course of the year –already fully subscribed – is a strong desire to help put something back into the game and play her part in growing the sport we all love.

Tia has also worked extensively with Manu Martin, one of Padel MBA’s key coaches – holding the Spaniard in such high regard that it persuaded her to sign on the dotted line and book her visit to Game4Padel’s state-of-the-art Edinburgh Park facility.

The GB No.1 said: “Game4Padel are doing incredible things and obviously their exclusive agreement with Padel MBA to run the CPC courses in the UK is only going to help get more people involved in padel and allow coaches to contribute positively to that growth.

“At the moment there is a lack of coaches in the UK but the CPC courses are creating a lot of opportunities for people and as an ambassador for Game4Padel I want to show my support for all of that but also to grasp the opportunity to learn.

“Coming to Edinburgh for the March course is just the perfect opportunity to do both of these things and I am super excited about that.

“On a personal level it’s also about opening up opportunities as it’s great to have something on the side-lines. At the moment I am full-time but I am not studying for anything so I think it is good to venture out and expand my horizons and look at adding new qualifications.

“Also, if I can help more people within padel and get more people involved in our sport then I think this is just the right step for me to take.

“I actually used to be coached by Manu Martin in Madrid and I worked with him for a short training block in Spain and also at the Westfield Pop-Up Padel Showcase before Christmas, so I know him well and I want to learn on the best coaching course available and for me there is no doubt that is the Padel MBA CPC course.”

When it comes to the benefits for her own game, Tia admitted it is vital that she continues to surf the learning curve: “Whatever sport you are participating in you are only ever going to get better if you continue to take good advice and keep an open mind and really embrace the opportunity to improve your knowledge. That is very much how I am viewing the CPC course,” said the Game4Padel ambassador.

Tia continued: “At the end of the day I am only 19-years-old and I don’t know everything and I am very interested to take things on board in terms of technical aspects and see how I can apply them to my own game and hopefully make a positive difference to it.

“I’ve not experienced going into the coaching world too much although I’ve had a handful of coaches who have all had their own approach to padel and different perspectives on how to coach.

“So I will be excited to see how the Padel MBA guys coach and how they will teach me to approach coaching and then to put my own spin on things.”

The big question regarding whether a coaching career could one day await her is something Tia was happy to reflect on: “I haven’t projected too far ahead yet. Right now it is just about getting the qualification, learning more and then seeing what opportunities come my way.

“Obviously in golf you have professionals who teach from a club base and that is something that I may look at at some stage. But right now, my focus is on just really enjoying the course, learning as much as I can and of course gaining the qualification.”

Having just completed a training block in Barcelona, Tia is now back in competitive action in the UK as she explained: “I was in Barcelona for a few days training and catching up with Carla Fito Fernandez, who I won the FIP London Rise with last year, and we spent a bit of time planning our schedule ahead.

“My base in Barcelona is the same one I used last year and I’m working with the same coaches there who I am very comfortable with. Back in the UK, I am based out of Chelsea Harbour working with people like Max Lutostanski (Assistant Ladies National Coach) and Abi Tordoff (GB international) which I really enjoy.

“The first couple of WPT Tours I missed as I was playing a couple of the British tournaments – Rocks Lane and Harrogate.

“There is a lot to focus on and I am just really looking forward to seeing how 2023 will unfold for me and for padel in the UK and of course becoming a fully qualified Certified Padel Coach!”

To book a place on our June or October courses at Edinburgh Park:


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