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5 Tips to Enjoy Your Padel Holiday

With the September weekend only days away, padelers will be packing their trusty rackets in the old kit bag and heading for the sun to enjoy their favourite sport to the max as Autumn gets ready to envelope the UK in its golden but increasingly chilly grip.

We asked Miguel Mateu, G4P’s Head Coach at Oliva Nova’s padel centre in Spain, for 5 Tips to ensure you enjoy your padel holiday to the max:

1. Leave frustration and bad vibes at home:

Miguel said: “Remember, you're on holiday. Let's relax, chill, and have fun on court! No worries if you miss a clear ball, throw an easy smash directly to the middle of the glass, or can't hit a bandeja. What matters most is that you enjoy your time with your family, friends or colleagues and maybe now is when you have time to book some coaching to improve your game!”

2. Increase your social circle:

Miguel said: “You'll be surrounded by padel lovers just like you, so, use the opportunity to extend your contact list, get to know people at a similar level and maybe challenge stronger players to see if you're ready for the next step. This is a great opportunity to increase your padel social circle, so make the most of it.”

3. Double-check your luggage:

Miguel said: “Pack every item you use when you play padel – remember your padel trainers! Flip-flops are not allowed on court. (Though they will still come in useful – the beach is just 100m away at Oliva Nova!)”

4. Can you beat the local players?

Miguel said: “Check local events at your venue, there are usually some every day and you can play against local players and check how the level is in that area. This is a great way to pick up tips and make new friends through your shared love of padel. At Oliva Nova we love Americanos on a Friday! Can you win the big prize in the next tournament? Believe!"

5. Make memories:

Miguel said: “Use the chance to create nice memories. Take pics and videos of your best shots and games – there are video recording systems on court at Oliva Nova and if you have them at your venue, you can even live stream your matches. At Oliva Nova we take great pride in our sunsets which are truly special. But wherever you play, make the most of that opportunity to take a padel pic to treasure!”

G4P’s state-of-the-art seven Mondo Supercourt padel centre at Oliva Nova is located by the Mediterranean Sea, between Valencia (Gandia) and Alicante (Denia). Find out more HERE.


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