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The Padel Yard is Live!

GAME4PADEL National Development Manager James Rose has described The Padel Yard in the centre of Wandsworth, London as a unique venue.

Our three-court London club opened last Thursday in Armoury Way in Wandsworth on a site previously used for a pop-up cinema – the locale having no previous sporting heritage. Developed in partnership with property developer Sha Jenab, The Padel Yard boasts a pop-up bar and juice bar and crucially the venue, situated near the banks of the River Thames, also has parking and Wi-Fi.

With the club’s new WhatsApp group already boasting 500 members, James believes the benefits of ‘Location, Location’ are clear as demand for padel goes through the roof in the capital.

Sha Jenab (left) with entrepreneur Harvey Armstrong at the opening of The Padel Yard.

He said: “The Padel Yard is different to other venues out there and unique really, and it’s great to show people how padel can work in different circumstances. In recent years a lot of padel courts have popped up within tennis venues, sports, and racket clubs but The Padel Yard used to be a backyard cinema. So to bring padel into the community here is just very exciting and especially so with it being such a central location and the incredible utilisation from day one has just underlined the power of padel.

“I also think it just encapsulates what padel is about. The social aspect is strong and the location at the heart of Wandsworth is just so easy to get to and it has a ready-made padel community there. With the pop-up bars, juice bar and seating, the three padel courts are in a relaxed social environment on the banks of the Thames.

“The courts have been full pretty much since it opened and the member base is rocketing which is underlined by the

WhatsApp players group already having 500 members!”

Anyone can sign up via the Game4Padel website and book courts up to seven days in advance via the MATCHi platform. Rackets and balls are available for hire. Coaching sessions and clinics can be booked online, and Game4Padel will also help you find playing partners at your level via WhatsApp groups.

Padel Yard has already benefited from a Master Class from the ‘Coach to the Coaches’ Pablo Franco Durán which sold out in a matter of hours.

As James revealed there is a lot more to come: “Pablo and I did a little tour around our venues recently. Pablo was at The Padel Yard a couple of weeks back and was fully booked. The feedback from his sessions was exceptional, so he is back – by popular demand – next week with clinics for beginners, intermediates and advanced players. Pablo has coached all around the world and with his infectious smile, enthusiasm and knowledge of padel – he creates a fantastic 90 minutes.

“With G4P’s coaching pathway in partnership with Padelmba, we now have the likes of Pablo Franco and Nino Sanchez coming over and mentoring our UK coaches and setting the standard of what we want across our venues.

“Pablo will be coming over once or twice a month to run Master Class sessions at different clubs. We also have Karen Hazzard – a fantastic coach – who has been with Game4Padel for a long time and who will be coaching at The Padel Yard. And we will be announcing one or two other coaches shortly who will run one-on-ones, group sessions and social events like Americanos. This is fantastic as the more venues we open the more coaches will realise there is a pathway for them with Game4Padel."

The incredible growth spurt being experienced at The Padel Yard only serves to underline that padel is here to stay in the UK sporting landscape.

James commented: “It is really positive and that is why we are so keen to have London venues – the demand is there. There are just so many people playing padel in London, or wanting to play – and really we just need more courts. It is not a surprise given all the hard work that has gone into raising the awareness of the game, but now it is about getting the courts in the right location and making padel accessible.

“We understand at Game4Padel that it takes time to get these courts built and open but step by step we are bringing it together. And as player numbers grow, it is just so much easier to create inter-club competitions, Americanos and to facilitate people meeting new people at new venues.

“The location of The Padel Yard and its social scene really encapsulates for me what padel is all about.”

Michael Gradon and Nikhil Mohindra (youngest member of the GB Padel team) trying out the new courts.

James was also keen to credit our partner at The Padel Yard, Sha Jenab, for all his hard work in bringing padel to Wandsworth and he said: “Sha’s passion and enthusiasm has been incredible in getting the project to where it is. Sha is managing the site from the food and beverage perspective while Game4Padel takes care of the padel side of things. But to have his network and contacts to build that padel community and his passion to drive this has just enhanced the whole padel experience.

“Sha has worked closely with Michael (Gradon, CEO Game4Padel) and the Game4Padel team and just been a joy to partner with. Seeing it all come together to create this superb venue has been a tremendous achievement by all involved.”

Book a court, or a coaching session with Karen or Pablo, HERE .


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