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Hello Scottish Ladies Padel!

GAME4PADEL is pleased to share details of an exciting new collaboration with the newly formed Scottish Ladies Padel organisation.

‘SLP’ founder Rachel Richmond played a key part in helping us create a 20-strong field for our recent LTA Grade 5 Ladies event held at our Thistle Padel Club venue which has been hailed as an outstanding success by all who took part.

Now with SLP launching their new website at a successful meeting between Rachel, G4P Growth & Participation Director Vincent Hivert and our newly appointed Game4Padel Tour Director Neil Harden has paved the way for a relationship we hope will go from strength to strength.

Working together, we hope to promote events, share valued content and grow a strong and inclusive women’s padel community in Scotland which has a vibrant competitive focus at its apex.

Reflecting on these positive developments Vincent said: “We had a very positive meeting with Scottish Ladies Padel in Edinburgh last week – many things were discussed and really at this stage it is about developing an informal collaboration.

“We will supply information on our events and SLP will share this on their website which will be a great plus in terms of promoting these events to their followers and members while also raising awareness and so giving members more chances to play and compete.

“We hope to share preview and review content in this regard prior to and after each event which will be about building our padel community collaboratively through the production of interesting and engaging content.

“The ethos behind the SLP website is about bringing people together and sharing padel information that is helpful to them. I think they need us and we need them!

“I am confident this will form the basis of an exciting partnership between Game4Padel and Scottish Ladies Padel and it will be great to have them on board.”

For Rachel’s part there was a glowing testimonial of how the embryonic relationship between Game4Padel and Scottish Ladies Padel has already impacted positively and she revealed: “As a member at Thistle (Tennis & Padel Club) I’ve watched G4P develop with a growing interest and they are doing a great job and are really dominating the market and much of that is because they have a fine team.

“If I am in doubt about anything then I get in touch with Vincent as he totally has his finger on the pulse.

“We are at such an important point of growth and I believe Game4Padel can make a huge success of padel in Scotland and of course beyond.”

Moving on to how our collaboration made such a successful impact at the recent Edinburgh Park Grade 5 Ladies event Rachel explained: “Vincent saw what I was doing and got in touch immediately and was really enthusiastic which was such a great feeling and at the recent Grade 5 he asked if I could help in finding some women players.

“At that stage SLP had just started but we already had over 100 followers across socials and a WhatsApp group and the response was fantastic!

“A lady from Aberdeen got in touch and explained that there was no padel up in the North East and that she really wanted to play padel competitively, and then I also got an email from a young girl in Edinburgh saying she was new to padel and desperate to take part in a tournament for the first time.

“So, this tournament was perfect for both of them. They entered and we went from two entries to 20 entries in the end and the feedback was fantastic and really that underlines what we can achieve working together for the good of women’s padel in Scotland.”

The event, although a Grade 5-tiered event, attracted all levels which was something that provided an unexpected extra positive, as Rachel revealed: “We did have a couple of the top Scottish players enter it – even through it was Grade 5, for pre-intermediate players. So, of course Mercedes Perez Gonzales and Flora Sanches Rubio, who are lovely girls and very talented players from WOSP (West Of Scotland Padel), did win and congratulations to them and also to the runners-up Iria del Rio and Fiona Livingston.

“But that just underlined how keen they were to play and the rest of the girls really enjoyed watching them play. So that was a real success story, the feedback has been superb, and everyone is desperate to enter the next tournament.”

G4P Tour director Neil Harden is in no doubt that the collaboration will grow the women’s game exponentially while also nurturing that strong sense of community that is at the core of the Game4Padel ethos.

Neil said: “The exciting thing here is that you have a group of ladies who are really keen to grow the game in women’s terms and for us, if we can develop a good relationship with them, then we will have the perfect avenue to provide what they are looking for in our events.

“A key thing for any event is its promotion and reaching people who are perhaps unsure about competing in padel, so having that relationship with Scottish Ladies Padel will be pivotal.

“Hopefully it will allow us to move the ladies game on much faster and that would be fantastic. It would be great if we could find a group of men who were similarly motivated but well done to the ladies – they are very organised and enthusiastic and we look forward to building a strong relationship with them going forward.”

Our next event is the LTA Padel Regional/Game4Padel Tour Mixed at Edinburgh Park Padel & Tennis on April 1.

If you would like to enter, click here.


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