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CPC Edinburgh – Course Reaction

JAMES ROSE has shared his delight at the success of the first Padel MBA CPC (Certified Padel Coach) course to be held by Game4Padel at our Edinburgh Park HQ.

Over the weekend 12 super keen students, including GB No.1 lady Tia Norton and the LTA’s Head of Coach Education and Qualifications Jo Ward, achieved their new padel coaching qualification. and will return to their clubs brim full of passion and enthusiasm to pass on their new found padel wisdom.

With Padel MBA founding father Nino Sánchez-Alcaraz tutoring, aided by James, Vincent and Ali from the Game4Padel team, the energy and passion for padel flowed in both directions.

James, who is Game4Padel’s National Development Manager, was also happy to highlight the continuing evolvement of the course and reflect on a fantastic weekend had by all.

Vincent Hivert, James Rose, Tia Norton and Nino Sanchez - Alcaraz

He said: “To host the third CPC at Edinburgh Park was fantastic and it really underlined just how far we have come from the first one at Thistle last year. With the superb Pure Office meeting room and break-out space, and the courts and hotel all in one location it makes for a fantastic set up.

“We really wanted the students to come here and enjoy the weekend, be around good people and learn and share ideas – and their passion for padel really shone through. They were a great group of people.

“They were all at Edinburgh for different reasons but they have that one shared passion which is padel and a desire to learn more about the industry and get more into the coaching world so it was just great to bring everyone together for the course.

“We really appreciate the effort people put in to come to Edinburgh and their desire to learn and we want them to feel looked after and part of something special and I hope that message was loud and clear.”

James was also keen to emphasise the strong social aspect of the CPC course which he sees as vital to providing the best environment to aid learning and knowledge share and he explained: “The key for us is to create a really good environment. When you are on the court you are doing the course, learning the content and it’s a lot to absorb. The downtime is when you make contacts and connections and we are also passionate about creating a padel network.

“On the Saturday afternoon we had an Americano tournament and it was great to see the energy and passion on display in that and also the social aspect it brought.

“The evenings were informal and over dinner everyone shared stories about their journeys and walks of life and to see that all come together was great.

Americano Tournament winners Charlie and Jo

“Now these people are all connected, they’ve made new friends and for me that is one of the most important aspects of the course in building that padel community and them feeling they are part of something and then in turn they have the confidence to share their experiences.”

As the course finished, we were delighted to catch up with one of our new graduates David Davies who had joined us from his club at Lowther Gardens in Lytham and who was keen to enthuse about his weekend North of the border.

David said: “There were so many positives to take away from the weekend and I’ve learned some invaluable content and some really good drills that will stand me in good stead when I go back to my club.

“It was also a very dynamic course and one that has motivated me to go away and coach and have the confidence that the support off court is there in terms of more advice being there whether that is with drills or session planning or whatever it may be.

“Another enjoyable aspect of the course was the time the students had to have a chat and share our experiences. We covered a lot of content but at the same time we had the opportunity to socialise and really it was the perfect blend.”

With our June course almost fully subscribed and the October intake filling up nicely, James was keen to confirm our commitment to continue to add to and freshen the CPC course with new content.

He said: “June is almost full and we have a lot of momentum now. So the proof is in the pudding you might say! The first CPC was at Thistle Padel, Edinburgh which was very well received, and the second one at Huddersfield LTC and now here at Edinburgh Park and the people that come are spreading the word.

“They love the content, they meet nice people who are similarly minded and have a great weekend and with the knowledge they have acquired it allows them to go back to their clubs and develop padel programmes.

“This weekend we had a racket demonstration that explained the different specs and on what types of racket to recommend for certain types of players and that was new and well received.

“So we will continue to add new elements to the CPC course and keep it evolving.

“We have a fourth CPC course in June and a fifth course in October and we will continue to add new elements to these.”

If you would like to book a place on our June or October Edinburgh Park CPC courses please click on the link below:

An overview of the three course modules can also be viewed by clicking here:


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