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We are making some important and exciting changes in our pricing structure. Please read below.

Court rates

Our hourly court booking rates will go back to normal from Sunday 26th July. If you book a court before Sunday you will still be able to enjoy our current 50% discount even if you book a court for next week.

Game4Padel Members:

  • £16/hour at Barnton Park LTC (£4/player)

  • £20/hour at Thistle Padel Club (£5/player)

Non members:

  • £24/hour at Barnton Park LTC (£6/player)

  • £28/hour at Thistle Padel Club (£7/player)

Peak and Off Peak

We are aware that the 50% discount, in place since the 29th May, has encouraged a lot players to try the game and become Game4Padel members. We are currently analysing our court booking data and will introduce peak and off peak rates from the end of August.

Pay per Player

Also to be introduced at the end of August is the ability to name players when booking a court. Members and non members will then pay a different amount for the same booking. The "booker" will name all 4 players involved in a game and add them as member or guest in the booking. Guests will be charged £2 more than members.

This feature will also allow us to track who is playing and therefore act quickly in case a player is showing COVID19 symptoms.


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