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Brighton & Hove joins the padel revolution!

Withdean Sports Complex, host to Brighton and Hove’s first padel court, is offering local residents the chance to trial padel for free for two weeks, from 22nd November to 5th December, as part of its opening launch. Click here to fill the Brighton Padel Pioneer form.

Having agreed a deal with Freedom Leisure, which operates Withdean

on behalf of Brighton & Hove City Council, Game4Padel is currently installing a pop-up exhibition court to showcase the game of padel, and to allow B&H residents to try the game for themselves. Once planning is granted, this first court will be followed by a number of permanent courts at Withdean to meet a huge and growing demand for the fastest-growing sport in the country.

The agreement with Withdean Sports Complex is Game4Padel’s first in Brighton & Hove and our first partnership with Freedom Leisure, which operates more than 75 sports and leisure centres across England and Wales.

More info on the Withdean Sports Complex court can be found at

Or go directly to MATCHi online booking here or via the MATCHi app.


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