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Bounce & Return! LTA’s Padel Introduction

This week, our very own Game4Padel Operations Director, Vincent Hivert, bounced down to the National Tennis Centre at Roehampton for the new LTA Padel Introduction course.

Designed by Sandy Farquharson from The Padel School (in partnership with the LTA), this brand new course is aimed at tennis coaches and padel enthusiasts who are keen to help their local clubs increase participation in the game.

Vincent reported, “The LTA Padel Introduction CPD course is a key step towards activating the game in UK and growing a coaching workforce. It is giving the chance to keen padel players and tennis coaches to get involved in the success of their padel clubs by sharing their knowledge, skills and enthusiasm for the game”.

It will be followed up with the LTA’s Padel Instructor course due to launch in 2022.

To express interest in LTA’s padel coaching qualification:


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