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10 Reasons to Start Padel this January

  1. Padel is the world’s fastest growing sport – and January is a great time to try something new, so put padel on your To Do list and be part of the revolution. 

  2. Padel is highly sociable. Played in doubles pairs, players are much closer on the court than in tennis, so there is typically much more laughter, conversation and banter. Perfect for lifting your spirits in January. 

  3. Padel is a great aerobic workout. The ball is in play, on average, for around 50 minutes in every hour, versus about 15 minutes in tennis. More movement equals higher heart rate, so ideal for getting fit and smashing New Year goals. 

  4. More movement also equals higher body temperature so you will stay warm whilst playing padel, despite the cooler air temperature. 

  5. Padel is also really good for balance, coordination and mobility, not to mention mental wellbeing, so you can achieve multiple wellness goals at once. 

  6. More people sign up to the gym in January than any other month. Avoid the crush and book a padel court instead.

  7. An hour of padel burns between 700 and 1000 calories – great for shifting those Christmas pounds or a good excuse to order a hot chocolate and muffin after your match. 

  8. You don’t need to become a member to play at our venues. Just book a court and pay for your court time. You can hire or borrow rackets and balls at most clubs. Perfect if you are feeling the pinch after Christmas. 

  9. Learning a new skill helps you change and grow in other areas of your life, so kick start your life goals by booking a padel lesson. 

  10. There are lots of padel special offers on right now so no excuses! Game4Padel is offering a Padel Starter Package for £65 which gives you a three-month membership (with discounts off every court booking) and a Head Evo racket. 


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