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A tennis court can welcome 2 to 3 padel courts depending on how much space there is between the baseline and the back fence.



The court is a rectangle shape 10 meters wide by 20 meters in length.This rectangle shape is divided into equal parts by a net. The service lines are 6.95m away from the net on each side.

The area between the net and the service line is split into 2 service boxes.


All lines should have a width of 5 cm. The shade of the lines is ideally white or dark, for better differentiation with the shade of the court surface.

The back walls measure 4m and the side fences 3m. For indoor facilities it is suggested that the minimum free height should be of 8 meters.


The net must be 10 meters long. Its height is 0.88m at the center and 0.92m at the ends.

The ends are attached to two side posts with a maximum height of 1.05m. Or a part of the structure which allows the correct suspension and tension.


The surface should be made of porous concrete or cement, synthetic material, or artificial grass. It should allow a regular bounce of the ball and avoids the accumulation of water.

Permitted and preferred colours are green, blue, or terracotta.


Lights are situated outside the court and should be at least 6m high.

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